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9.08.10 | End Of Summer 2010 – Site Improvements
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This has been a rather fruitful summer. Below you will find a little log of what’s been done to this site during the summer months.

  • Several blog posts have been published. I was rather happy to finally be able to finalize many of these, since they were begun many weeks (or even months) ago but postponed due to lack of time.
  • Javascript for scaling the front page (www.dr-ivan.com) to browser window dimensions has been overhauled and shouldn’t produce the jagged unaligned edges anymore.
  • Gallery bug where EXIF rotation was disregarded is now fixed. Or at least sort of. The host provider for this site does not have a certain php extension enabled, so that all pictures have to be rotated manually. This is now done for the photography section.
  • Gallery contents has changed significantly. The category on cats has been removed, since this was basically a rehash of ICHC contents. My love for cats has not deminished, but the pictures posted there were not my own – and that is the exact opposite to the rest of the site which contents has been meticulously crafted by yours truly.
  • New gallery contents has been also posted. Photos from my vacation have been uploaded and can be found in the photography section. Take for example a look at these highlights:

  • Blog design has had a slight addition: You can see an RSS icon in the top right corner. It has a nice rollover effect to fit in with the rest of the design template. Furthermore, a new element (shaded “hr”) can be seen above “Older Posts” and “Newer Posts” links on the front page of the blog.
  • Some minor updates have been made to the pages dedicated to computer and programming.
  • Electronics equipment page has been redesigned and updated.
  • edit: Further improvements during the last vacation days have arrived. The “SEE ALSO” section above post title is a compromise since I did not want to have a side bar.


I employ several tools to track site statistics. One of them is telling me that the site receives 5.84 unique visitors per day with 1.72 pageviews per visitor during the summer months. RSS feeds is requested approximately 3 times a day. I receive around 15 comments each day, most of them spam. The most “spamful” day was in April 2010 when 53 comments were posted, all of them spam. This amounts to almost 3000 spam comments since this blog was created.

Now these are not by any means impressive statistics, but I am rather happy about it :) This will be a rather interesting read for my personal entertainment in a decade or two I think…

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