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19.07.10 | News Of The Month (June 2010 Edition)
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Below you will find a summary of news for June and the first half of July. Perhaps I will make this a recurrent feature as time goes on.

The new iOS4

Apple releases a substantial upgrade to iOS, which actually does not account to much – as I explain in my more detailed blog post. Only a couple of the new implemented features appear to be useful, but more bugs emerge.

iPhone 4: Hold only as Mr. Jobs wills it (Amen?)

Apple manages to embarass itself completely by firstly not testing their product thoroughly enough, then denying that there is a problem, on to accusing consumers of not being able to hold the device correctly and finally admitting fault. Nothing however is still known the exact cause of the problem, neither when it will be fixed (although benevolent gods of Apple have kindly granted their users a snap-on cover to alleviate the problem, make the phone far more ugly and customers more furious; and apparently Stevie was highly defensive announcing this). Glad I didn’t by an iP4 – cause I was surely almost sold on the hype of the retina display among others. Also, my belief in the fact that the common saying about Jobs’ opinion being the only one that matters when Apple products are tested for usability, is merely a joke is slowly fading.

Android Froyo is here

To much joy of many, including such long since needed features as speed improvements, bulk upgrades, SD-card support (although currently rather sketchy) and others.

Spotify is now native on Linux

Indeed it now is. However, I could not for the life of me get it running – I’m getting either a SIGSEGV or illegal instruction on both my 64-bit tower and 32-bit netbook. But as long as it works fine with WINE I am not complaining.

I submit a kernel bug

Indeed, this is the first time I submit a kernel bug. I have submitted a number of bugs before (most noteworthy for amarok, konqueror and kpovmodeler (the latter now discontinued) – you can actually find them if you search me up on Google) but up until now never kernel-related.

Medical news that caught my eye

Here is a short list from my twitter account:

  • New Drug Helps Patients Lose Weight and Maintain the Loss http://bit.ly/dndu06
  • Rosiglitazone (Avandia) stays on the market, with stronger warnings http://bit.ly/cGydKh
  • Elevated hepatic fatty acid elongase-5 (Elovl5) activity corrects dietary fat induced hyperglycemia in obese mice http://bit.ly/cZbzF9
  • β-Blockers May Reduce Mortality and Risk of Exacerbations in Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease http://bit.ly/b8HIHE
  • JAMA: Tight BP Control Does Not Improve Cardiovascular Outcomes in Diabetics with Coronary Artery Disease http://bit.ly/958wyT
  • Meta-analysis: Statin use increases risk for diabetes http://bit.ly/coJYd3
  • 13y follow up of 37,514 individuals: drinking 3-6 cups of tea a day results in 45% cardiovascular mortality reduction http://bit.ly/agSAFR
  • No gain from brain training : Nature News http://bit.ly/achdWb

I pass my exams

Last but not least :) Yes indeed – I passed my oral exams in internal medicine. Yay me :D

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