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19.01.10 | WolframAlpha is brilliant!
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Here is a quick post on Wolfram Alpha.

Wolfram Alpha basically is a further developed version of Wolfram’s already infamous Mathematica software with a considerable amount of additional data (statistics, geography etc) thrown in. It can be thought of as an advanced calculator with a simple web interface.

I have now been toying with this online utility for some months, and it never ceases to amaze me. The shear amount of information and computing power is staggering. It can compute everything from advanced integrals to simple factorization, it is able to represent statistical data graphically, render 3D models and countless other features. Output is very structural, clean and visually pleasing (just take a look here). Input interpretation is likewise smart and will give you several alternatives if it thinks that the input might have several meanings. It can even export the results to PDF (this feature supposedly is in alpha, but I have never had problems with it).

This nifty utility has by far replaced my off-line tools like calculators and other computational facilities. Perhaps the only weak point is that it does not allow for analysis of raw data.

Here is an example of what this tool is capable of:

WolframAlpha - Example

Try it yourself here:

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