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9.10.09 | Review: Century Child (Nightwish, 2002)
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My review of the definitive album by Nightwish — Century Child released in 2002. [This is an old post of mine; re-uploaded for the sake of the new site]

Rating: 5 Stars

Started: 27.07.08
Finished: 01.08.08
Last Modified: 09.04.09

Well this is it. To me this album defines Nightwish. It is certainly one of those unforgettable albums which tend to firmly define a band. Albums before and the one after (note I say *ONLY* one, and don’t try to contradict me unless you are willing to be accused of sacrilege).

The music landscape is beautifully unique with heavy guitars, choir-like elements and orchestra. Sounds familiar? Well, although neither of these are a new invention it is driven pretty much to the point of perfection (and beyond) here so that the sound becomes highly authentic. Tarja’s crystal clear voice slices through the thick melodious matter of sound giving the music a unreplicable impression which will almost certainly stick with you for a very long time.

For me the touchy question of lyrics is always an issue. This problematic attitude of mine seems to be in this case negated by the fact that the words aren’t really the central part of the listening experience. They are a part of the music. They are not rediculous enough (like AINA) and not too repetitive (Rammstein, newer Maiden) to mark themselves negatively. The focus is cleverly shifted towards single words which your ear is able to comprehend floating downstream with the music. Almost the same technique used by professional psychologists to induce hypnosis.

The album itself is monolithic – everything is woven tightly together and it is highly suggested to listen to it as a whole. Therefore there is no reason to highlight any particular songs.

Of course nothing is perfect. The only negative remark I can think of is that the songs are so round and may be a little over-produced that they do not provide enough edge to give an adrenaline rush. Although on a reflection, it probably shouldn’t either. In my book this album is more of a relaxation and meditative piece, not something you want to listen to before a boxing match.

In conclusion – If you haven’t got this album in your collection, get it without hesitation. Certainly a one-of-a-kind piece of music.

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