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9.10.09 | iDR: Ivan’s Dendrogram Renderer Now Available
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This tool has been requested already several times and several versions have been floating around since late 2008, here is the “official” release.

iDR (Ivan’s Dendrogram Renderer) is a small command line utility which renders output files from hierarchical clustering performed by Eisen Cluster. It is not suited for exploratory purposes (like for example jTreeView), but rather for the final high-quality render for publication.


  • iDR renders column dendrogram, heatmap as well as column and row names in addition to a brief legend for each additional variable
  • iDR is easy to use: place files in correct folders and run the utility
  • iDR adds any number of additional user-defined color-coded variables
  • iDR’s outputs an editable and freely scalable PostScript file


  • iDR is currently unable to render row dendrogram
  • iDR does not have a GUI

Here is an example render of a dendrogram and heatmap:

iDR Example

Available alongside a manual for both Windows and Linux from here.

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