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18.06.09 | Rant: Nightwish and Departure of Tarja Turunen
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These are my thoughts on the departure of Tarja Turunen (aka the end of Nightwish as such). [This is an old post of mine; re-uploaded for the sake of the new site]

Started: 27.07.08
Finished: 09.04.09
Last Modified: 09.04.09

I must take some time and space on this site to comment on the transition Nightwish went through in 2007. Me, being one who really does not watch any bands close enough to get the last-second news, was in a state of utter disbelief and shock after being told by one of my buddies that Tarja got the boot. And I do believe that my reaction was widely uniform for most of the fans and the volist herself. To be honest, I thought my metalhead buddy was just pulling my leg, but after taking time to check on the band’s official website I was confronted with the reality of the situation.

Tarja *WAS* Nightwish – either you like it or not. And it may well be that she will now fade away from the modern metal scene (1), but she will always be remembered as *THE* Nightwish, no offense to the new Swedish girl what’s-her-name. Nightwish unfortunately did die that day, and, yes, having heard the newest production of Now-not-so-Nightwish Nightwish, there isn’t much to tell. The sound is sort of wishy-washy, lacks substance and power (and that’s saying something when we are talking about a power metal band). The point is that what gave Nightwish much of its former glory is the unquestionable quality of Tarja’s voice. The music was, well, rather solid and above average – though never straying into the upper echelons. But the mix of the two (focus mainly on the voice) was very harmonic and the two elements complemented each other perfectly.

Now that magic is gone and we are left with mediocre vocals singing mediocre lyrics backed by mediocre musical landscape. Don’t blame Anette too much though either. She probably does her best and I sympathize her in that respect, but she does not fit in I am afraid.

1 – Writing this in 2009 and looking back on what Tarja has done over the past few years, this unfortunately holds true. Nightwish should never have split.

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